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A Poder simple form, also known as a simple power of attorney form, is signature legalization that details the authorities that the principal grants or assigns to his agent. It allows the principal to carry out general procedures before municipalities, schools, water services, electricity, telephony, and payments, among other entities and purposes.

Because this form of primary power is restricted and specific, it is only used once with a unique purpose. The duration of the form validity depends on the institution where you present it and the regulations or general administrative procedure legislation of that city or country. It might take up to three months or even less time. Below is a detailed guide on everything you should know about a Poder simple form.

What is a Poder Simple?

A Poder simple form, also called the power of attorney form, is a private document in which a legal person (principal) publicly provides another person (an attorney) the ability of representation to carry out different particular processes or general administrative movements. It is a signed authorization used to carry out available procedures before governments, schools, water services, energy, and telecommunications companies, among other institutions.

How to Fill out a Poder Simple?

The Poder simple form contains certain aspects that depend on its legality and only authorizes the attorney to execute particular papers or administrative processes required by your country's legislation. You may download a Poder simple in doc, word, or pdf format.

Fill & Download the Free Poder Simple Movistar Form

A simple Poder form includes the following:

  • The person issuing the power of attorney's full name and signature
  • The proxy's full name.
  • Signatures with proxy's DNI, RUC, passport, immigration card, or other forms of identity.
  • A block of written text stating, "I give power to. "
  • A description and justification of the attorney's powers, responsibilities, and obligations.
  • An Indication of the period the Poder simple form is active and its expiry date.
  • Two signatures countries that have general administrative procedure legislation or rules

The detail below provides step-by-step instructions on filling a Poder simple form. The recommended fonts are Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri 11.

Step 1: Fill out the Date and location

This detail ensures universality and the commencement of the procedure.

Step 2: Fill out the personal information

This information includes the principal's and attorney-in-names fact's and surnames and the principal's and attorney-in-DNI fact's numbers or other legal identification documents, such as the RUC. If required, provide the signatures of the witnesses and the original and a copy of the signatories' identification documents.

Step3: Fill out the purpose of obtaining the Poder simple form

The reason that enables the attorney-in-fact to provide the power of representation and the exclusive responsibilities that the attorney-in-fact must fulfill. You can tell your representative which ones you do not want them to use.

Step 4: Determine the document's period of validity

According to your country's administrative procedure legislation, identify the beginning and ending dates for exercising authority.

Step 5: Sign where appropriate

You must provide the signatures of the primary/principal and representative/attorney-in-fact as they appear on official papers, as well as the signatures of two witnesses if the institution or legislation of the national administrative procedure demands it.

Fill & Download the Free Poder Simple Movistar Form

When Needs a Poder Simple?

Anyone who wants another person to conduct specific legal activities on their behalf needs a Poder Simple. A power of attorney form can provide someone else the authority to manage your finances, make healthcare choices, and care for your children. Many states offer easy-to-use formal power of attorney paperwork.

Most people choose their power of attorney to be their spouse, a family, or a close friend. However, you are free to choose whomever you like as your power of attorney. Remember that picking power of attorney is not about who is closest to you but rather who can best represent your intentions. The essential is that you have total faith in the person. You should also feel at ease sharing your healthcare preferences with them.

Even if your power of attorney does not agree with everything you desire, they must be willing to carry it out nevertheless. If you feel compelled to modify your mind, this individual would not be a suitable spokesperson for you. You must locate someone willing to honor your wishes. If the individual you have chosen cannot do so, it is preferable to look for someone else. The last thing you need is to be subjected to peer pressure from family members or be concerned that they will ignore your desires.

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